A Publishing House for Creatives

Elmtree and Waters Publishing is a small-scale publishing house with extensive knowledge of the industry. In the publishing business, creativity and commerce, converge in a very tangible way. Whether it involves design, photography, writing, guidance in writing, or final corrections – all of these are creative and often artistic processes that thrive best in a casual and personal collaboration.

Elmtree and Waters publishes under various imprints. An imprint is the name of the publisher as it appears in a publication, and ISBN and EAN numbers of books always refer to an imprint. Elmtree and Waters can create a unique imprint for organizations, companies, and individuals, allowing them to publish under their own name and receive full credit for their books, products, or services. Elmtree and Waters Publishing handles all (international) distribution, making it an ideal option for those who want to maintain full ownership of their work while benefiting from professional publishing expertise.

Elmtree and Waters is a publisher originally based in The Hague. Since 2017, our office has been located in Het Hogeland, a rural region to the north of the Dutch province of Groningen, near the Wadden Sea.